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Marcia Meiring(non-registered)
I was completely overwhelmed by my new Canon camera that I received as a gift and didnt know a thing about photography. Fortunately I met Mark at a gallery in Florida that was exhibiting his work and learned he gave lessons. I could not have had a better teacher--Mark geared his instruction to my requirements as a rank beginner, taught me the fundamentals of photography and inspired me to explore so many possibilities:I am an artist who mostly paints from photographs and came to learn how I could greatly improve my composition with better photographs. Thank you Mark!
Jeff Richardson
I had the great opportunity of taking classes from Mark! Within a matter of weeks he prepared me to shoot a reunion! He taught me to capture moments so they won't be lost in the past. He truly develops your talent, and he is an incomparable instructor!
Laura Kelly(non-registered)
Mark, I enjoyed the classes. You were so very helpful with low light and motion photography. I recommend your private classes to anyone interested in becoming a better photographer.
Alison DuFlon-DeLeo(non-registered)
For the second year in a row, I saw a photo which i loved and bought and then realized i had bought one from Mark the year before. I guess I really like his work. He is a talented photographer.
Mary Nell Fruit(non-registered)
Mark, your photographs are beautiful and such a great addition to Artisans on Fifth! Also, thanks for doing the two for me to give to my grandson who now has a house on Lake Minnehaha. He loves both: the Citrus Tower and the beautiful scene of the lake. Keep up the great work!
Gwen Hertz, Artisans on fifth(non-registered)
Great pictures. Welcome to Artisans on fifth. I need some of these for our website in .jpg format.
Lew Mann(non-registered)
Nice site! You sure do know how to get close! I need to do a little more closeup work myself. Keep them coming.
Maritza and Larry Godbey(non-registered)
Your talent and skill is obvious,
Thank you for the great pictures.
Maritza and Larry
Dean Dobbs(non-registered)
Met you this past Sunday in clermont and just looked at your photos! Awesome pictures! Great color.
Still want to take some lessons, trying Tito figure out when!
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